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Howard is our FA Engineer based in Houston, TX. Read his articles below or discuss your power supply design requirements with him.

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LED Dimming Module


DIM-240_LED_Dimming_Module_PictureFeatures and Applications:

  • 240W Dimmer for LED Modules and LED Strings
  • Small Footprint - 150 x 41 x 20mm
  • Low Power Loss on the Module


  • Input Voltage Range: 10 ~ 48Vdc(typical), 9.5 ~ 50.4Vdc(max)
  • Output Current: 5A max.
  • Output Power Range: 0-5.2W@10.5Vdc Input, 0-120W@24Vdc Input, 0-240W@48Vdc Input
  • Power Loss min.: 0.4W@10.5Vdc Input, 1.2W@24Vdc Input, 3W@48Vdc Input
  • Power Loss max.: 3W@10.5Vdc Input, 4W@24Vdc Input, 5W@48Vdc Input
  • No-Load Operation, Over-Temperature. Over-Load, Short-Circuitry Protection
  • Operating Temperature: -20 degree C ~ 50 degree C
  • cUL, DVE and EMV certified
  • RoHS Compliant





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