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Class 2 LED Driver / LED Power Supply Output Maximization

I have a Class 2 LED Driver, and I want it to output 100W.


Class_2_LED_Driver_LED_Power_SupplyPeople want to get the most out of their purchase - buying a Class 2 LED driver is no exception. The #1 question we’ve been asked during our years in business is, “How can I make use of the power supply to drive more LEDs?” It is no surprise that an engineer expects to draw the full 100W of power from a 100W class 2 LED driver.


On the other hand, one of the concrete rules in regulating the UL1310 Class 2 AC-DC power supply is to limit the output wattage at 100W. This is intended to reduce the chance of producing excessive out-going current, over-heating the cables and creating an electric shock hazard. In order to acquire the UL1310 certification, we need to design enough tolerance so that the power supply output can never exceed 100W in any given circumstance. This is why some of our class 2 ANP90 LED drivers output at 90W instead of 100W.


However our regular conversations with the experts in the LED lighting and signage industries have taught us the importance of pushing the Class 2 LED drivers to their limit. Some LED applications may consist of numerous LED strings and several LED drivers. Insufficient LED driving capacity on the driver can force the procurement of that extra class 2 LED power supply on the system level. It simply increases the system BOM cost.


Fortunately, our marketing department has come up with two brilliant solutions:

  • ANP90-XXP1 series (“XX” represents the output voltage of the unit): The P1 series has the output power level fine-tuned to 96 / 97W on our production line. There is a 3W gap to the full 100W output. However, that is the absolute minimum tolerance we need to keep on the power supply in order for it to still qualify as a Class 2 driver. We are confident the 96W / 97W power output level of the ANP90-XXP1 series is the highest you will find in any reliable one channel Class 2 LED power supply on the market. The production of these units includes a meticulous quality control process. With the extra 7W on hand, LED system engineers can now connect several more LEDs to the driver (the number is depending on the power consumption of each LED).
  • On the regular ANP90 series, there is an output voltage adjustment knot (Vadj.) on the power supply case. The output voltage level is allowed to be raise to the 110% set value. Increasing the output voltage level allows the output power level to be raised at the same time.


If the output power level is the concern in selecting your Class 2 LED power supply, we recommend that you investigate the two solutions listed above. Please call (281-807-3320) or EMAIL us if you have any questions.


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